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Wild Ride to the Heart Game

Wild Ride to the Heart Game

Only: $ 14.95

(Includes instructions and aids in Spanish. For adults and children ages 4 and above.)

Play it at home or in the classroom

Make a face that shows frustration or happiness. Tell about a time you felt calm or scared. What color would your heart be if it were a color? Those are just a few of the challenges players face in HeartMath's new Wild Ride to the Heart® game, where the first player to reach the heart at the center of the board, wins. But win or lose, the whole family will soon learn the true fun in playing Wild Ride — again and again — is because it makes you feel good in your heart.

Emotional Awareness and Balance

Wild Ride is especially designed to teach children about recognizing, expressing and balancing their emotions. The game incorporates HeartMath's nearly two decades of scientific research and field studies into the physiology of emotions and the intelligence of the heart. For those who are lucky, the journey to the finish will be smooth, but chances are they'll have a Wild Ride as they make funny faces, tell stories and have lots of fun. It's good for the heart.


  • Colorful, illustrated game board
  • Markers for moving around the board
  • Surprise Cards that challenge players to perform various tasks, including:
    • Make faces of different emotions.
    • Describe what makes you feel certain emotions: frustration, disappointment, courage.
    • Practice a simple, but powerful HeartMath emotion-regulation tool called Go to the Heart®.
  • Emotions Definition Cards that explain the meaning of the most common emotions: love, sadness, happiness, anger, calm, and fear.
  • Spinner
  • Two dice: Instead of the spinner, one die may be rolled for moves (The other die is a spare.)

Important Features:

  • Can be played at home or in the classroom.
  • Incorporates scientific research of emotions and heart intelligence.
  • Helps children begin to identify and understand their emotions.
  • Helps children in their relationships with family and friends at home, school and play.
  • Can aide in bringing family and friends closer.
HeartSmarts® Grades 3-5 Teacher

HeartSmarts® Grades 3-5 Teacher's Kit

List Price: $129.95
Only: $ 97.46

New social and emotional intelligence curriculum bridges academic and emotional learning

There’s enormous pressure to do well in school and fit in, and numerous relationship challenges with family, friends and teachers. HeartSmarts teaches students to manage stress, improve learning and strengthen relationships. The program is based on the Institute of HeartMath’s innovative research into the physiology of learning, teaching students a core set of tools and strategies that become part of the meaningful rituals and routines in their classrooms, intervention groups or after-school programs.

HeartSmarts is organized into five modules. Short lessons within each module use experiential learning for problem-solving and collaborative discussion on topics related to school performance. Through minimal practice and reflection, students develop “habits of the heart” that improve learner readiness, motivation, behavior management and classroom climate.

Students identify their emotions, recognize situations that trigger stressful emotions, learn skills to improve communication and are taught a series of tools on how to shift to the heart. Students love this program because it enables them to talk about what is most important to them and offers concrete ways to help them feel and perform better.

TestEdge® Interactive Learning Program Grades 9-12 and Above

TestEdge® Interactive Learning Program Grades 9-12 and Above

Only: $ 49.95

Buy more, Save more!
5+ - $35.99

A major study has found that 74% of students using TestEdge demonstrated significantly reductions in their test anxiety levels. The TestEdge tools also boost comprehension and problem solving because they are so highly effective in increasing clarity. If learning or test taking is causing you stress, you'll want to experience TestEdge.

With TestEdge, students gain greater understanding of how their emotions and attitudes affect their academic work and relationships. Using the TestEdge tools, they learn to neutralize the impact of negative emotions such as test anxiety or turmoil surrounding relationship issues and then build effective replacement attitudes. For many this results in improved academic performance, and better relationships.

The program includes:

  • 15 video segments with actors and flash animations.
  • 15 interactive sessions help internalize the TestEdge tools.
  • 12 optional lessons in pdf format that can printed or viewed for a deeper understanding.

Try it risk free for 30 days. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the TestEdge Interactive Learning Program or we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

System Requirements

  • Win 98 - Vista, Mac OS9, Mac OSX (Does not work with MAC 10.6 or later)
  • Processor; 1GHz +, Disk Space; 600MB Memory
  • 128MB +, Audio 16 bit mono +, Video; XVGA +, CD-ROM
TestEdge Interactive Learning Program

TestEdge Interactive Learning Program

Only: $ 49.95

Buy more, Save more!
5+ - $35.99

Grades 6-8

TestEdge is a powerful interactive learning program that helps students learn and perform at their very best. The TestEdge Interactive Learning Program is loaded with benefits that transform the test taking experience. Research based, this engaging multimedia course teaches proven tools and strategies demonstrated to overcome test and performance anxiety, discouragement and stress, while boosting focus, clarity and problem solving ability. You will learn to get yourself in sync for your best academic performance.

Try it risk free for 45 days. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the TestEdge Interactive Learning Program or we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

TestEdge Interactive CD-ROM

System Requirements

  • Win 98 - Vista, Mac OS9, Mac OSX (Does not work with MAC 10.6 or later)
  • Processor; 1GHz +, Disk Space; 600MB Memory
  • 128MB +, Audio 16 bit mono +, Video; XVGA +, CD-ROM

Item #5305 Price: $49.95

The College De-Stress Handbook

The College De-Stress Handbook

Only: $ 12.95

Learn to Make the Right Choices and Add Balance and Ease for a Great Experience

Navigating the college maze is stressful, with lots of personal and academic challenges along the way. The College DeStress Handbook can teach you what you can control and how to maintain ease and flow. Based on the Institute of HeartMath's 20 years of stress and emotion self-regulation research, this handbook, highly touted by psychologists, professors and other educators,can help serious students recognize their stressors and how to stop them in the moment.

It contains three key HeartMath techniques that guide you in recognizing your personal stressors and in learning to reduce their intensity and eventually replacing them with more positive feeling and attitudes. College students will find they are soon using these easy-to-learn techniques, which have been shown to improve test-taking and other academic performance and the ability to replenish the energy and resilience needed to do well and have a great experience in the process.

Contents (82-page paperback)

Chapter 1. Navigating the College Maze
Chapter 2. How the Heart, Brain and Body Affect Performance
Chapter 3. Performance and Stress
Chapter 4. Building Coherence
Chapter 5. Test Anxiety, Insomnia, Digital Overload and Relationships
Chapter 6. Time Management and Decision-Making
Chapter 7. Cool Your Heels: Flow and Inner Ease
Chapter 8. Three Keys for Sustaining Resilience

Special Features

  • Thorough explanation of what stress is, how your body warns you that you are stressed and how stress affects you.
  • List of questions to ponder at end of each chapter.
  • Tips for improving test-taking.
  • Tips for falling asleep and staying asleep.
  • Three of HeartMath's most effective emotion self-regulation techniques and exercises for making them part of your daily routine.
  • Four-color layout
Showing 1-5 of 17 matches.
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